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Creative Bond Solutions for Global Logistics Risks
Roanoke Trade was the first in the United States to serve the needs of customs brokers and their clients. At the onset, we became recognized as the most reliable source for CBP bonds and this continues to be an unwavering commitment of ours.
eBond SimplifiedTM
Effective January 3, 2015, CBP implemented eBond. Key points for getting started:

   1. Read the latest CBP Policies & Procedures for eBond; these are the procedures of record until further notice by CBP.
   2. Continue to use FastBondTM to issue your bonds and contact Roanoke to process your riders and terminations.
   3. NEW: Look for the "My Issuing Authority" link on the left bar of the FastBondTM Issue Bond screen; notice that expanded authority on STBs for foreign principals has been provided.

NEW! FastBondTM update available on March 23rd Manage your file reference numbers on your bonds. Learn more here.

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